Landscape Design

Every Landscape Design Should Be Unique

At Barron Landscaping we have installed a multitude of different landscapes ranging from simple low maintenance contemporary designs all the way to elegant English style landscapes with waterfalls, a sophisticated selection of shrubbery, extensive patios with sitting walls, and integrated LED landscape lighting. When we meet with our customers to evaluate their project, we ask the right questions so that we know what needs to be done for their specific design. We may evaluate any existing structures or landscapes to determine which plants will flourish, which type of garden bed materials to use, if any drainage needs to be taken care of, or whether the design is obtainable. We also could install low-maintenance plants to cut down on the cost for future landscaping services or time that the homeowner spends tending to their landscape. The experience that we obtain through all of our work and projects really benefits the customer when designing their landscape, because we share our experiences whether good or bad to help give the best outcome to their landscape.

When designing the landscape for your home or business we focus on YOU. We understand that the customer's ideas, needs, or wants are what they are paying for. There are far too many projects that we fixed due to inexperienced landscapers installing plants or designs for the short term with themselves in mind. We have also experienced businesses that install projects incorrectly or without much thought leaving the homeowner with more than what they bargained for. Fortunately for us, we understand that the customers desires is what fuels our business, so we give them the best ideas and spend time focusing on their project. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our customers eyes light up when they see that we were able to fulfill exactly what they were trying to explain to us during the consultation. The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding for us are the 75+ five star reviews located throughout the internet with no site averaging under a 4.5/5

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